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Sales in a Year

One of my favourite Tradeskillmaster features is just being able to look back on the past and see how I did. From the graph above you can see that I didn’t really play from October to April of 2019-2020 – that’s when we were moving to our new isolated post and doing all that stuff that went with it.

In that year though, I did make 14 million gold. almost 7 million of it was profit – and that is mostly because I spent 5 million gold on the brutosaurus auction house mount. Otherwise it would have been 2 million gold spent, and 11 million gold profit. Would I have tried to make as much gold if I wasn’t going after the mount? I’m not sure, I’ve always been interested in gold making, so I like to think I would have still put in the effort, but maybe not.

In any case, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Uncanny Sales still doing Well

This is the last week I’ve had in uncanny sales, and they’re still going pretty strong. I know I don’t move as many products as others do, but I’m happy on my low population server!

Another Week, More Sales

Auction House sales this week haven’t been too bad, with almost 500,000 gold worth of items sold. This doesn’t include any vendor sales or paragon chests I get.

New Transmog

I decided to (finally) unlock Nightborne, and I race changed my vulpera monk (I also have a vulpera priest). I’m not a huge fan of the leather transmogs I have and landing on an outfit has been difficult. I decided to scrap the one pictured above and went with some tier set instead that gave a more ‘monk’ feel.

How important to you is transmog and how your characters look?

More Tools

I sort of stumbled down a rabbit hole this week. A few tools that all work well together let me create some animated WoW pieces, which is tons of fun. Pictured above is WoW Model viewer, which can be used with WoW tools, and blender.

I really wish I had more time to play with this stuff.

Bring on the Spirits of Harmony

There have been some bots on my server lately that have posted all of their spirits of harmony for around 50g a piece, and each day they stock 30,000 pieces. I decided to buy them out one day for a bit over a million gold. I should be well stocked for a good while now.


This pattern is no longer in game, but I picked it up for a few gold and there were a number of sellers already, so I’m quite happy with the profits!


I can’t say I’ve been playing very steadily, but I AM enjoying watching the graph go up (it will take a few dips, I need to pay for some accounts coming up). My goal is to hit gold cap on one character before Shadowlands comes out. Why? No real reason, it’s just a goal I set for myself. Will I obtain it? I’m honestly not sure. I’ve been swaying to and from gaming lately, I’ve not been feeling the greatest and I’m pretty tired some days so I end up staring into space not doing much of anything. Hopefully it’s just the heat and summer that has me down.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

FINALLY – A Warrior Joins the Ranks

Thanks to the summer sale, I now have a 120 warrior to add to my alt army. I’ve WANTED a warrior for quite some time, but I just couldn’t seem to level one up. I’m really excited now that I’ve got one. I am hoping to use her for farming dungeons, so I’m gearing up (SLOW process) getting my cloak done, and all that good stuff.

Back to Making Gold

As always, I bounce around through the summer and then settle right where I left, which in this case, is World of Warcraft. I’m multiboxing 5 accounts, making gold, and have no clear goal in mind. I’m thinking of boosting a warrior because I’ve always wanted one, and we’ll just see from there!

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