For those who follow this site, and who are interested in my writing, well here’s a little shameless self promotion. I do currently write freelance for Beckett Massive Online Gamer (which people are well aware of because I’m always trying to promote it) and I do some infrequent articles / reviews over at – but I’ve recently taken on a new project over at MMO Bin for my good friend David. 

He was looking for writers for the site, and I decided to apply – not that I don’t already love writing where I do, but I’m always looking for more. Seems to be a flaw of mine, but hey why not. I have the time to fit a few more things in there some where. 

The site differs from MmoQuests in the fact that it’s mostly news and discussion, rather then just plain play experience (which is what I typically write about here). I’m looking at my posts there as a challenge, a different form of writing for me. Since my articles are rarely ever informative and tend to cater to my personal views and experiences in each game – and will remain as such. I’ll be writing (mostly) about EverQuest and EverQuestII for MMO Bin, my two games of choice but there may be articles on other games depending on what I happen to be playing and where my thoughts happen to wander. 

So if you’re looking for more ‘news’ or ‘discussion’ orentated articles, please check over at MMO Bin. You can read my first post over there about the constant forward progression in games and my thoughts on that topic. Looking forward to this new site addition, and who knows what I’ll learn from the experience. He is looking for a few more writers for those who are interested (or was at least at the time of my posting this) so if it’s something you may be interested in, check this post here

Back to your regularly scheduled program!