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Wurm Online? Still There!

Even though I haven’t spoken about it in some time, I do still play Wurm Online. I’m located on both the northern islands and the southern ones (Stargrazer on the North, Stargrace on the South). I have a deed at each location. I would like to move my newer character to the old servers, but they haven’t been joined and now I’m not so certain that will ever be a thing – which is a huge shame because Stargrazer is a priest, and I never intended that character to be used solo but she’s basically stranded from my ‘main’ over on the Independence server.

I didn’t get much actual work done, but I did round up some animals, planted some fields, and did some generic maintenance. Both deeds and the owners of said deeds have account time paid with plenty of time left, and I’m thinking of at least making it a weekly thing to dive in for a few hours and take care of the general chores. I haven’t done any breeding with donkey’s yet, but that’s on my list as ‘eventually’ too.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Fall, Blogging, and Comforts

In my neck of the woods, the temperature is almost at the freezing mark, geese are flying South, and I know that snow is just around the corner (in case you’ve forgotten I only have three months of the year without snow, June, July, August. The rest typically have a little or a LOT of snow). Seasons showcase my gaming habits VERY well. Every single time this fall weather comes, I start getting nostalgic for my ‘usual’ games. Hence the screenshot above that shows off Wurm Online. My ultimate favourite MMO. In the stand alone version of the game I have over 5,000 hours logged (thanks steam) and I can’t even begin to imagine the hours I must have in the base MMO version of the game. I have 12 characters, three of those are premium right now. I have two deeds that span across the newer steam-released servers and the old school servers. I’ve met some incredible people through this game that I remain friends with to this day, and it’s probably the first MMO that I played for me, and not because everyone else was playing it (in fact these days maybe only one or two people I know still play it, no one else likes it any more for a variety of reasons).

It also explains why I subscribed to FFXIV. A game that I love for so many reasons, but can’t actively devote the time to playing right this second. It’s a busy time of year for my husband and that means I’m with the kids 24/7 (no childcare where we’re at). I’m incredibly excited about the expansion coming out in a few months, but I’m not even at the part of the story I need to be. I go in with big ideas about catching up, but I don’t know if that’s feasible. I do want to remind people who are also trying to catch up that there are pay options to skip the first few expansion MSQ if that’s more to your liking. It won’t let you do that with the current / final expansion, but you can pay for both levels and MSQ unlocks in the shop.

Let’s talk about that a second. It’s obviously an option that is not for everyone, and not everyone is comfortable with doing that – but it doesn’t HURT anyone, and so if someone else has chosen to go that rout I really wish the community would rally behind them and appreciate that they’re playing at all instead of begrudging them for the fact that they skipped content. Not everyone plays the same, not everyone has the same time allowance, and allowing people to skip the MSQ on older content lets more people in the door and that is good!

Now what does all of this have to do with blogging?

Blogging for me, is comforting. This year I’ve made an effort into writing every single day, or at least posting an article up every single day and I’m really happy and proud about that. When my kids were born I found myself learning how to balance everything and I knew some things would have to take a step back especially if it was a particularly difficult week. Blaugust has been a great reminder on reassessing the balance in my life, and making time for the things I love – and that includes writing. While I still have to work on the community aspect and making time for that, it’s a start. I think each year I participate I learn a little bit more, I grow more appreciation, and I discover some amazing blogs while doing it.

It’s OK to do what’s comfortable – but there’s also something to be said for pushing yourself a bit, and growing. Whether it’s as a gamer, or a writer, or some other aspect.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Happy Easter

I still love having events in video games, even if they replicate real life a lot of the time. This year Wurm Online rewarded premium players with an Easter egg hunt that gave us a new decoration – flowers! They’re lovely.

There were also events going on in Wurm Unlimited on the Sklotopolis server. I’ve been taking a little break while I play some FFXIV, but I’ll be back to posting about my deed there before too long.

Happy gaming, and happy Easter, no matter where you find yourself.

Maintenance on Independence Server

I spent some time checking out things at my deed on Independence, making sure there was no decay to worry about and just emptying some containers from Christmas. Not a lot of work, but it’s always good to check in and make sure everything is standing while I’m playing on the Northern servers.

February Gaming Goals

I’ve never really posted end-of-month reviews before, let alone significant gaming goals but I’d like to give it a try for 2021 to see if I can stay on top of making regular posts and to see if I can actually accomplish what I set out to do with my limited time.


Reach level 80 in at least one class. My dancer is pretty close, 76, I see this as a simple goal – but because my time is limited and I have the attention span of a peanut, it’s still something I feel like I need to set a goal for.

Reach 80 in a crafting profession (not gathering). I believe I’m 78 in goldsmithing – I have no idea what it will take for me to reach 80, but I’m hoping I can do it. It’s another one of those ‘we’ll just have to see’ moments.

World of Warcraft:

  • Continue gold making – an easy goal, this is rather like breathing for me. I have a good stock I put on the AH, and I’ll probably just continue that.
  • Reach 60 on two more characters – another pretty simple goal. My rogue on Winterhoof is 57 and as soon as another trainer shows up in Dalaran I’m pretty confident I’ll reach 60. Getting one more alt to 60 will help with my crafting process. I think the paladin will be next in line (my blacksmith).
  • I’m keeping my goals here small, because I have been a little less than enthralled with WoW lately, and I don’t want to pressure myself into playing if I’m just not feeling it.

Wurm Online:

  • Continue deed work on Cadence. This is where my Fo priest lives (100 faith baby!) and a worker. The main buildings are done, but I need higher masonry for additional floors.
  • Complete the temple on Independence. I need to mine slate for this, and then create bricks, and create a whole lot of mortar. Not a difficult task, just a boring one. I’ve been procrastinating.
  • Complete a bit more of the shipyard building on Independence. I’m not sure I’ll actually get to this one, but I’ll list it anyway.

Wurm Unlimited:

  • Complete at least two more buildings on Liberty. I’ve been re-building my deed here, and while it’s slow going it IS coming along. I’m pretty proud of being able to re-create my old home by salvaging goods across the lands. So far I have had very minimal mining/brick making required. I managed to pillage all sorts of furniture, and the main floor of each building is completed, so I just need the other stories.
  • I’m keeping goals here loose for now since I already have a lot on my gaming plate.

General Gaming:

  • Try at least one new steam game. I have a LOT of them. A lot of neglected games. Games I’ve never even started up. Let’s try to change that a bit and play something – anything – even if it’s just for an hour. I’m pretty sure I can make time to do that in 2021.

January Gaming in Review

January saw me playing a whole lot of games with “world” in the title. I started off the month strong, playing World of Warcraft – Shadowlands. Sadly, I don’t really enjoy the expansion that much. I find anima difficult to obtain, and there are far too many timegates put in place. There’s also a lot of new currency, and I think it’s needless. I did level up some alts through pet battles, and I had fun logging in weekly to obtain loot from the world boss, but I don’t find that that there is a lot of staying power, yet. Who knows if that will change. I’ve been flip flopping between a few characters, mostly my monk and my demon hunter. I also paid just over a million gold to move all of my horde characters from Argent Dawn, to Hyjal. I just wanted to have everyone together on the same server. I now have all of my alliance over on Argent Dawn, and my horde are all on Hyjal. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make gold better on a high population server, and Hyjal is most certainly that – especially compared to AD. I’m just better at making gold on AD and always have been.

I also played a LOT of Wurm Online. I started off playing on the Southern islands on my Indy deed, nothing really special just doing generic deed work. I expanded to a second deed because I wanted a mine, but now that I’ve had it a while I might just disband it. It’s some ways away from home and I’ve been waiting for buildings to decay that are going to take over a year. Worth it? Not exactly. After that I started playing over on the Northern (newer) servers with my Fo priest. I managed to find a 24/7 sermon going on, and I joined up and then subscribed a few alts. For the past month I’ve been doing sermons as often as possible, every three hours. I reached 100 faith for the very first time. This is a HUGE goal of mine. It means I can cast summon soul, and I can also cast lifetransfer without requiring extra characters.

While doing sermons over on Harmony, I met up with Arbi, a friend from Sklotopolis, the Wurm Unlimited server that I frequent. They told me about the fantastic work that the developers have been doing despite the fact that WU is no longer supported in an official capacity. I was drawn in, despite losing my amazing deed – when I logged in the exact location that I had deeded previously was still free. I took it as a sign, and now I’ve dedicated myself to building my place up the exact way that I had it before. I really loved that deed and one of my biggest gaming regrets is letting it fall.

Single player games? I didn’t play many, but I did delve into RimWorld for a bit, and some Sims 4. With covid knocking on my community door, I spent most of my time inside trying to avoid everything going on in the real world. I can think of worse ways to spend my time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


For all of the many years that I’ve been playing Wurm, I’ve never gotten 100 faith. I’ve owned countless priests, but in the yearly years they were purchased and I always re-sold them. I now have two priests, a Vynora on the older Souther servers that is at 70 something faith, and a ‘new’ one on the Northern cluster, a Fo, who is ALMOST 100 faith. For the past month I’ve been living on Harmony instead of Cadence, and I created 3 listeners who are also premium. The more listeners you have, the more faith gain you get each sermon. .02 per listener, in fact. Each day, every 3 hours, minus the few I actually get to sleep, I’ve been setting my alarm clock so I can sermon and get as many gains as possible. Praying between those gains to work on the benediction journal entry.

I hate the grind. If I were to only pray, reaching 100 would basically be impossible. Sermons are by far the fastest way to complete this, and unless you (or someone else) is willing to pay premium for extra listeners, it’s still slow. I was 55 faith when I joined the sermons, and I’m getting on average 1.5-2 points of faith a day. I paid for my extra listeners on January 4th, and had already participated for some time.

That’s basically wurm in a nutshell. It requires a lot of time, a lot of dedication even if it’s passive dedication (ie: I leave all 4 of my characters on 24/7 and set an alarm to come back to them every 3 hours while I do what needs to be done in real life).

Why this grind to 100?

So I can cast Lifetransfer & summon soul without requiring links. Is it worth the work? Well, that depends on the player. For me, personally, yes. It is worth it or I wouldn’t be doing it. I really want a 100 faith character. I’d ideally like BOTH my characters to be 100 faith, and I know there are sermons going on in the Southern servers as well, but I can only handle 1 sermon at a time.

Prayer is getting a revamp, and while some older players who grinded to 70 are frustrated at the change – I personally think it’s healthy for games to evolve over time, and I hope this helps players more than hinders them. It’s almost 800 hours to grind from 1-70 prayer which is a journal entry requirement for benediction and that’s just extreme when it’s a skill that grants almost nothing.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Here Kitty Kitty..

I added a new little friend to the deed yesterday. Found wandering around outside my deed was this little cutie, a wild cat! They are adorable, and I promptly tamed it with some meat and then put it in my house (which I know, still needs a floor). If I can find two maybe I’ll breed them and have a house FULL of wild cats! That’s the dream, right?

A Few Pens Complete

A big thank you goes out to Tahlula from the Cadence server yesterday, who sent me 6 fence bars so that I could finish my cow pen. I had them hitched to a post by my house, but for some reason they would randomly go invisible. Someone told me that not only would they go invisible, sometimes they’d just go missing. I do NOT want that for my cows, so I took it upon myself to finish at least ONE of my pens. This is the pottery one, which I love the look of. I know I could have used a different fence, but I didn’t want to have to bash it down after.

Fence bars take a lot of iron to make and my blacksmithing is still quite low so I only have a 20% chance at creation. That’s a lot of iron wasted. I was talking about this issue in Freedom chat (server specific talk) and they offered to send them to me for the cost of postage. Incredibly kind of them, I was so happy! Now my cows are safe, and I can go back to working on the rest of the deed.

Taking Down a Dragon

Public slayings are few and far between on the older servers of Wurm Online – but the newer servers still tend to do a few public slayings. I was recently able to participate in the kyklops slaying, and then a white hatchling slaying over on Melody.

Over 180 people were in local (most probably alts) and it was a great time, hosted by one Elwoode, who was also celebrating his 30th birthday. One of the reasons slayings tend to be private is because those who are in local benefit from a piece of hide/scale as well as blood from the kill. If you’re not actively participating or hitting the creature, you can leech off of those who are doing the brunt of the work, and still obtain these items. The more people in local, the less hide/scale you obtain. For this slaying, people received between .02 and .03 of drake hide. To put that in perspective, a single glove (the smallest material required) needs .2 hide to create (and hopefully you don’t fail).

Gear made from dragons is supposed to be rare, and I understand that – but I feel like it’s a bit awkward that only the experienced and rich ever get to indulge in these items. I used to have a set of drake many moons ago, but when Wurm still allowed RMT I sold it to help out with some RL funding I required. I have deep regrets over that. It’s a trait that I tend to carry from game to game. Give away / sell personal belongings and then down the road I wish I had of kept them. I’m trying to be better about it, but my instinct is to give that stuff up.

Anyway, we gathered on Melody, which I had never been to before. It is the third server that was opened after the steam release (not including the PVP server, Defiance) and in my personal opinion was an unneeded server that just served to spread populations further apart in a time when we knew things would be crowded (and then they died down, significantly, which all Wurm players of any length of time are also aware of). I brought my Fo priest so I could help with heals and at least contribute something while my fight skill is quite low.

It was neat to see the dragon, and I still dream of one day capturing and hosting my own slaying – that will probably have to remain a pipe dream, but it’s still good to have those dreams.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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