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Deed Progress

Progress on the deed is coming along VERY well. Club Code decided to run their very first Black Friday sale, so I picked up a year subscription for my Vynora priest along with some silver to make sure the deed has lots of upkeep (over a years worth on each of the deeds I currently own). Moumix has been playing again and has helped out around the deed, and that has inspired me to try to ‘complete’ it as much as I can.

Yesterday I reached 36 ropemaking, and I created one of two rope bridges that will adorn the village. I love the way they look. I need 44 ropemaking for the second bridge, and I have a few odds and ends to complete (a fence around the farm, the front farm will eventually be transformed into a shipyard as well as a chapel of some sort, and the house needs more furniture) but it is coming along nicely.

I’ve also started grinding hot food cooking – I want to unlock all of the recipes that look so delicious out there. I want to build a distillery in the mine, and create cider and wine, too. There’s just always so much to do in game, I absolutely love it.

Look Ma’ – I joined a village?

Waking Hollow. They started out as my neighbours, but since I’m currently playing a Fo priest main over on Cadence, I decided to give up my deed and join an actual functioning village. I’m pretty sure they think I’m a new player, and I didn’t go into big details about who I actually am, but they gave me a nice warm welcome, and I’m working away building a 3×3 home to use. I haven’t joined a village in a VERY long time, but Wurm is one of those games that IS better with people, so why not.

Since priests can’t improve items, and Fo priests in specific can’t cut down trees or pack dirt, joining a village is a pretty good move. Sure, I could technically survive without doing those things – but what fun would it be?

Hopefully the place doesn’t just fall to pieces now that I’ve joined. We’ll have to see.

Welcome Committee

Found a few visitors at my place when I arrived home from collecting some rare forges. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, at least it wasn’t a dragon…


I love spring in Wurm Online…

Moved: Cadence

The Harmony alliance I was a part of just wasn’t working out for me, so I traded 25 silver 1:1 over to Independence and that left me with 7s to play with. I have been working hard on that deed and I love how it’s coming along. Then I ported all of my characters to Cadence when it opened – I’m not a fan of the idea of spreading out the population further, but I do love the spot I found. I also found 3 coloured horses right away and that made me pretty happy.

I plan on making this a little country cottage deed. Wooden fences, timber house, farms, that sort of thing. Will I stay? We’ll see. Maybe I can find an alliance to join.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Goal Achieved: Boat Cave!

One thing I wanted to do on my deed was to create a water entrance that would lead to an underground cave. Inside the cave is my mine (of course) as well as my brewery (aging wine underground is ideal). Yesterday I managed to complete this goal, after mining out over 4,000 lead ore to break a node that was in my way. I can’t wait to get the inside all neat and tidy, I plan on reinforcing the walls and then paving over them, though I’m not sure if I want to do it in marble or some other stone. We’ll have to see! In the mean time, I’m just tickled that it is complete.


Finally working on the inside of my home, and it is FABULOUS!

Quail Cove Continued

This week I returned to a little Wurm Online, my Vynora priest is doing well – grinding channeling (yuck) and my ‘main’ character continued to work on my home base. I have one floor left, and it’s not a complete ‘floor’ that I need to do, so much as two sections of towers, and then a roof. Once that’s done I’ll bash out the ladders separating sections, and I can focus on adding a base floor, and furniture. Exciting stuff!

With the main house complete, all I have remaining on my plan is two more towers, and then rope bridges connecting those towers. I do plan on building myself a water cave entrance to the deed, but I’m not in any great rush for that. I love how it’s all coming together!

Bricks & Mortar

I’m well on my way through the second floor of my house – but still have so much to do. There’s a staircase leading to the second floor and two bedrooms, as well as some open areas where they will reach into a third floor while the rest of the house will be roofed. It’s hard to describe what I have in my mind, but I’m hoping I’ll near completion before too long. Then I need to complete two towers that I have on deed, and two hanging rope bridges. Once that’s complete everything else is just details, like finishing floors, decorating the home, adding racks for stock in the warehouse, that sort of thing. The kitchen needs some sort of gate or doorway, as well as an oven (or two) and some storage options.

Overall I’m incredibly pleased with how this build is going, and it really feels like home.

Quail Cove – Independence Style

Even though I’ve been playing on Harmony, I haven’t forgotten my little deed on Hermit Isle – Independence. Quail Cove (named after my favourite deed from Wurm Unlimited) is really coming along. I’ve been here a bit less than a month, starting from scratch with my main – Stargrace. Next, I’m hoping to start with the main house – those plans you see in the screenshot. It’s done in marble, and I can’t wait to decorate it. I also have two more towers to complete, and two rope bridges to join things together. After that, I plan on creating an off-deed orchard, and I’d also like to create a boat entrance to the deed with a mountainside that’s to the left off-screen.

If you’re playing the new steam release of Wurm you probably started on Harmony or Melody, but you do also have the option to start on the older maps – and I highly recommend this. You’ll have a great time exploring ruined lands, and there’s all sorts of abandoned areas to pillage.

Nothing wrong with starting on Harmony or Melody with a fresh batch of people so that you can compete with skilling up – but me? I like the older servers better. Having a history for archaeology and a wide variety of locations to settle down in just makes it seem so appealing, to me.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!