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This week I’m feeling a bit lack-luster in my gaming. It might be because of the weather (it has been between -30C and -50C for over two weeks now) or maybe it’s just lady issues, or just the generic feeling when winter starts dragging on for too long. In any case, I’m not really playing anything that any of my friends are playing, and I’m feeling disjointed and annoyed by simple things.

I’m currently playing WoW, Dwarf Fortress, a random game (once a week), and both Wurm Online and Unlimited. What am I up to in those games?

In WoW I’ve moved over to the Dalaran server with my 120 monk and I’m playing horde. I was hoping that a more populated server would inspire my gameplay. I had previously been playing on the Argent Dawn server (alliance) and the population is pretty low. I love the server, but I wanted to explore what gold making is like with more of a population. A lot of people really enjoy the lower populations but I just wanted a bit of a change.

In Dwarf Fortress I started up another fortress and was almost instantly mauled to death by 4-tusked mastodon’s. Then they entered my base and slaughtered everyone who was left (it was early on in the game and I only had 9 dwarves). Time to start over again.

In Wurm Online I have been working on getting settled on Independence with friends. Our deed is lacking a mine and that’s a downfall, so we might be moving (again). I also did some mining, but it takes 1h for every .17 gain at 74 skill, so it’s pretty slow (as it should be).

In Wurm Unlimited I recently purchased a wand of the seas which will create an island and raise it from the ocean – unfortunately it’s not working on my main Sklotopolis server. I’m hoping the developers can look at it, but if not I’ll have to find a place on Novus to use it.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Failing (sort of)

I had every intention on following through with my schedule of games – but then life happened. A few stressful days, a lack of sleep, and suddenly I didn’t want to play whatever I had schedule. That’s perfectly OK. The schedule is meant as guidance, and if I don’t need that guidance or it needs to change and adjust for xyz reason, it’s not a rule that’s set in stone.

I WILL keep making the weekly schedules for gaming, just so that I have a plan when / if I need it. Then I’m not spending hours trying to decide what to play, I can just look at what I’ve scheduled. If I follow it, great, if I don’t, that’s great too.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break. We need to not stress out about really simple things, and we need to realize that we are human. Our schedules are evolving flexible timetables. Learning how to be flexible like that has been really hard for me, especially once we had kids.

What have I been up to? In Wurm Online I’ve currently deeded on the Deliverance server. I’m setting up in an area that has seen many owners in the past, but I’m eager to make it my home. I’ve pre-built portions of the deed on DeedPlanner where I can customize the buildings and land to suit my needs, then have an idea of what supplies I require. So far it’s just a bunch of fields and one house, but I’m pretty excited. The house is a more ‘out there’ plan than my usual ones. I’m try not to make square buildings quite as much. It includes stairs and a bridge, a tower, different wall components. I’m eager to get this one built.

In Wurm Unlimited I’m hostly Priestpalooza next week and so I’ve been preparing for that. Food, drink, extra statuettes, making sure permissions are set properly. All that good stuff.

In Dwarf Fortress I’ve been watching tutorials on picking a place to live. I still haven’t actually PLAYED the game yet. Well, that’s not entirely true, I tried and was overwhelmed so I went back to the tutorials.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Wurm – Online?!

Wurm Online is still very much a thing, even though there is also Wurm Unlimited now which is the game on steam with self hosted or servers hosted by others. That’s where I play on Sklotopolis. Before WU, I played on WO, for many many years. Some of the features in WO are NOT on WU, and this winter the developers have done a pretty good job in luring players back.

WO is a F2P game – but you do need premium time if you expect to get anywhere. Premium is less than a AAA mmo would cost, but it’s still a fee. I started out my WO days on Deliverance, and then hopped around to various servers as they opened, eventually settling on Xanadu.

Over the years I felt off, living there. Xanadu is HUGE, and I didn’t feel connected to any part of it.

When WO announced the new changes they were implementing to fishing, priests, and wagoneers, I decided that it was time to return to my roots. I sold off my old Xanadu place and headed back to Deliverance, where I joined up in an alliance with Yaga, a longtime player I’ve known for ages.

Deliverance is comfortable and every day I see names in GL-Freedom that I recognize. Pingpong, Elwood, Velvetsun, these are all folks I’ve “known” in game for at least 7 years, probably longer. The developers loosened the restrictions on priests, we still can’t improve items, but we can do a lot more activities than before. I can actually build, which is a start.

I can’t dig, or pack the ground as a priest of Smeagain, but I do have an alt that can do those things for me.

I won’t lie, it feels REALLY good to be playing again. Wurm has always been a home for me, and for whatever reason the game just touches every single aspect I’ve ever enjoyed in a video game. Hopefully it’s a home for many years to come.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

It’s OK To Like (Even Love) an Unpopular Game

My absolute favourite game of all time, is Wurm Online (or Unlimited, either one). Wurm Unlimited has “mixed” recent reviews, and “mixed” all reviews. There’s not even 1500 reviews total of the game. I have 2,399 hours on record on steam (so that’s Wurm Unlimited, and doesn’t count any Wurm Online hours). I could talk about the game for hours, and while I may not be playing right this second (I come and go in my Wurm obsession) it is one that I constantly suggest people try out, and will them to accept.

I rarely succeed.

The thing is – it’s perfectly OK to dislike or like this game – or ANY game out there. I know the reasons people don’t like Wurm. The outdated graphics, the incredible grind, the dislike of Club Code, the bugs and other issues. The unbalanced PVP. I’ve heard them all – and still this game owns my heart, as far as video games go.

I’ve never gotten mad at someone for not liking this game because I don’t expect everyone to like it. If you don’t like it, it’s quite simple – don’t play.

Please. Don’t waste your precious time on this earth playing a video game that you’re not having a great time in. Move on to something else. There are TONS of games out there catering to all sorts of gamers. Keep searching and trying to find the one that calls to you – and it doesn’t matter if everyone else is playing it or if no one else is playing it what matters is what YOU think and how YOU feel when you play it.

Keeping up With Gaming

In EverQuest 2 things have come to a bit of a standstill. I don’t have the time to LFG to do dungeons, and I’m pretty bored of running the same advanced solo dungeons every day. I log in to craft, get my loyalty tokens, and putter around, but I haven’t been keeping up with my epic 2.0 or progression in any real meaningful way. Since I have so many characters just doing the little bit of daily stuff I do is enough to keep me ‘busy’ but I’m also wondering if it wasn’t a mistake to get a year long subscription. Of course I had intended to play EverQuest with that, not EQ2, so maybe when I have a bit more time I’ll go back to my original plan.

In WoW things are moving along (even if it is at a snail’s pace). I’m able to queue for a few raids a week, I do some world quests, my characters move up the chain of progression. I’m really excited about the new pet battle dungeon coming to the game soon(tm) and I can’t wait to give it a try. I wish pet battles could be done independently of logging into the game (ie: mobile) but things are not so bad. My subscription for WoW lasts until July, so I have a few more months of that left and I’ll probably renew. It’s a good game even with my limited time.

EVE Online. I subscribed with a PLEX and then played once or twice. Truth of the matter is as much as I adore this game (and I do) I really want to play it with TWO accounts and that’s just not viable for me at this time. I probably won’t renew until I can afford to activate both my accounts, so maybe once my EQ2 subscription runs out. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, I love playing, but I really like both accounts active so I can make full use of things.

Wurm Online / Unlimited. I currently have two active accounts in Wurm Online, Stargrace, and Blesse (a Vynora priest). I’ve got three active deeds (two on Xanadu and one on Independence) and while I haven’t been doing much to them aside from keeping up with the fields and animals, I still enjoy logging in every day. Wurm is one of those games that just really relaxes me. Plus I can leave it up and running while I putter around with my little one in real life. I also logged into Wurm Unlimited to check on my deed there. One had fallen (I re-deeded the place, my buildings and walls were all still standing) over on Sklotopolis, and over on Age of Urath – well, that server is apparently done now. It had a lock symbol by it with no users online. Should have stuck with my first choice! I also noticed a “new” server with the highest population these days, Zaneth. I’m incredibly cautious about new servers because it seems like there’s a huge overturn and you never know if the server will actually stick around but as long as I don’t go off and donate right away (like I have in the past) then I suppose there’s no real harm in checking things out.

In the meantime life is pretty busy. I get maybe an hour of gaming a day, which isn’t anything to sneeze at, and by rotating what I play I keep from getting bored. Of course it does seem that as soon as I settle in to do a dungeon or improve some weapons my little guy is waking up and begging for my attention, but hey that’s the joys of parenthood. He’s 4.5 months old right now, and while things haven’t exactly gotten easier yet, they’re constantly changing.

I hope everyone else has been having a great time despite the turmoil that seems to be enclosing around the world. Are you checking out Conan Exiles? What about ESO’s big announcement today? Did you give For Honor a try? Head to PAX South? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Wurm Online Just Got a Whole Lot More Interesting


Today update 1.3 was released for Wurm Online – you can find the lengthy patch notes on their site (and posted on the forums too). A lot really cool things have been added, but the biggest addition (and probably one of the most anticipated) is the changes to cooking. I don’t even really know where to start when it comes to talking about this amazing change.

Every player now has a virtual cook book, where you discover recipes (and you’ll have a few in there by default too). Food gives players stats ¬†now, like calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. When you eat a particular food you’ll be granted a player specific affinity that lasts for xyz amount of time (the amount of time the affinity lasts is based on how much of the food you eat, the quality of the food, and the difficulty).

With all of these new recipes come new items to create those recipes, and new food basics like herbs, spices, and new vegetables. There’s also a new fruit tree (oranges) and a bush (hazelnut). There’s a pretty awesome guide posted on google where you can look up more details about everything involved – and MAN is it involved!

Bees have also been added, along with hives, and a bee smoker. I haven’t found any yet, but I’m pretty sure I want to have a hive or two and create my own honey.

Runes have been added, bugs have been fixed, there were also some changes to the Epic servers and a handful of misc. changes took place as well.

As soon as I logged in I crafted myself a fork, spoon, and knife. Then I set about making some pie plates, a measuring cup, and other items out of clay. I need some marble to create a mortar and pestle. Pesto is a recipe, and I can’t wait to figure that out. I didn’t own any cows but it looks like milk and milk items play a pretty big role, so I went out and found four cows and two bulls (so I can keep breeding) and then I took my fork, whipped some milk, and made four things of butter.

I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, but I’m pretty excited.

Using my butchering knife on some potatoes gave me fries – I’m wondering if they’re an ingredient in anything. Maybe I can make poutine!

In any case, if you’re a fan of Wurm Online, or you’ve been thinking about trying it out I highly recommend it after this latest update. So. Much. Goodness.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Rag and Bone Market


It has been a while since I peeked into Wurm Online, I’ve been spending most of my gaming time in either Wurm Unlimited, World of Warcraft, or just bouncing around in various games. I didn’t have money available for the monthly fee, and I don’t really enjoy playing Wurm as a F2P player, even though technically you can. Thankfully my merchant at the market me and my alliance run has been doing pretty well, and I had 10 silver saved up. I purchased 30 days of game time, and am hoping that through future sales I can continue to keep a subscription this way. At least until I either run out of coin, or I run out of time (running out of time is a more likely scenario with Llama Bean inc. on October 20th).

Getting back into things is pretty easy. I wandered around my deed repairing things that had fallen into disuse, and taking inventory on what supplies I had (and any that I may have needed). I went over the latest patch notes, made sure nothing was missing from either of my places, and tidied up the animal pens. Most of my horses have passed on, but I still have at least one breeding pair left and honestly that’s all that’s needed. My sheep have fared much better, I still have a good sized herd of both black and white sheep. I wasn’t keeping any other animals, so there’s nothing else to worry about. I spent a good hour chopping down trees that were growing in places I didn’t want trees, as well as culling a swarm of seals that had moved into the market place.

As to what sort of long term project I want to work on – I have no idea. I’ll probably go back to alternating weapon smithing a bit because why not. I ¬†haven’t really looked over my skills to see what interests me. Still, it’s nice to be back. I’ve missed playing and were it not for the cost, I’d probably play a lot more. If you happen to be playing, you can add me to friends – I’m on Xanadu as Stargrace. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Happy 10th Anniversary, Wurm Online


Today marks the 10th anniversary of Wurm Online, a game I’ve been playing in one version or another (most recently with Wurm Unlimited) for over 7 years now. It’s one of a handful of games that keeps me coming back and that I find highly addictive (in a very good way).

In celebration, a number of things are going on. I ended up signing up for two months of premium so that I could better partake. This granted me 5 silver, a tin leather knife, a returners mask, and a gift box with sleep powder. A lot of people are (of course) displeased with their gifts and are moaning about the lack of creativity and how they wish it was something different, but I’m quite happy with mine. Besides, we could have gotten nothing at all.

A big round of updates has come to pass too. With it came Rifts, neat little events that open every few days on each server. You can also create houses underground now, so living life like a dwarf is a definite possibility. It’s nice to see such a large update, and it’s great to see so many people returning / still playing.

I took inventory of what I had in my bags across the handful of characters I still have, made sure my main (the only one premium at this time) had the best of everything, and then set to work cleaning up the two deeds I own right away. I’m currently creating a path that leads from the market deed to my main deed, and I’ll pave it and get it done up all pretty. I know I was working on weaponsmithing, but I’ll probably swap over to something else for a bit, just because.

It’s quite a difference to see how fast (or slow) skills move in WO compared to custom servers in WU. My 7 year old character in WO has low skills compared to my 2 month old character in WU, but I take more pride in the older character (which is pretty normal, I assume).

In any case, it’s nice to be playing again, even if just for a short while.

What’s the Difference Between Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online?


Wurm Unlimited is a stand alone client version of the MMO Wurm Online. You can set up your own server to play on privately, host servers for other people to play on, and all sorts of other goodies. There’s a one time fee to buy the game from steam, and then the choices are up to you. Some servers do have a fee for upkeep, or donations to help keep that particular server running, but there’s lots of choices out there.

So how does wurm unlimited differ from wurm online?

Well, there’s one big huge difference. In order to preserve the ‘mystery’ of players skilling up in wurm online, wurm unlimited goes by a completely different formula. In wurm online there is a thing called difficulty. It means that for optimal gains in a skill you need to be skilling on optimal things. You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) skill from 1-100 on the same thing. Lets take mining, for example. You start out working away on rock, move to a different ore as your skill increases, and continue moving up different types of ore.

In wurm unlimited skills are based on actions. The faster the action, the faster you’ll skill. In wurm online you would typically want two sets of tools. You’d want a low quality set which would draw out the action timer and make things very slow – this would be your skiller set. Then you’d want a high quality set, this would be so you could get high quality results. In wurm unlimited, you only need one set, and you want it to be the best set possible because you want those high quality fast results. That means to level up blacksmithing, you don’t want to go slow and improve tools. Instead you want to make the fastest item that gives blacksmithing. In my case this has been small nails. Uses the least amount of ore, and it’s very fast. This is how you skill up in wurm unlimited. Fast actions.

What other differences are there?

Well, it honestly depends on the server. There are mods and rules that each one takes into consideration and it all depends on the play style for that server. Some may have 5x faster skill ups. Some may start you off at a higher level so you’re not beginning at 1. Some may start you out with full gear and weapons. Others may include more cosmetic changes, texture addons, maps, and things like that. A lot of servers have gone the rout to removing priest penalties so that you’re not required to play an alt but can enjoy being a priest as your main character. In wurm online, these things are just not possible.

Of course then there’s the difference in price. If you want to be premium in wurm online you need to pay a monthly subscription and this can be a deterrent especially if you like having multiple characters (priests, as example). It adds up. Wurm unlimited is a one time fee from steam to buy the game, and then you’re set. If you’ve ever been wanting to try out a fantastic sandbox MMO – but are reluctant to shell out for a monthly fee, wurm unlimited is a perfect choice.

That’s not to say that wurm online doesn’t also have its merits. The servers are huge, there’s more single players in the MMO version than you’ll typically find on any of the player hosted servers, and because of that the economies per server is pretty firmly established. People are friendly, and you don’t (typically) have to worry about the servers randomly shutting down because xyz person is unable to host them any more. In other words, it comes with some stability and you’ll not be subjected to the whims and decisions of a random GM who may or may not have the best interest of that particular player base at heart (not that Rolf hasn’t made his own random decisions over time, but at least he works with a team of people who can let him know if a decision made is a particularly poor one).

Playing one or the other? Have a preference? Let me know below in comments – and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Games for Christmas


The hustle and bustle of Christmas is coming to a close, and I hope everyone has had a happy and safe holiday. It’s a bit of an odd time of year for me. I love Christmas, it’s one of my favourite times, but it’s also incredibly lonely. My family lives too far away to visit, and I don’t know a lot of locals. My online friends are typically busy with their own happenings (as it should be) and so I watch from a distance, happy but sad if that makes any sense.

I did get a handful of great games from friends this year which was really awesome of them. I got enough WoW time to keep my account active for the next year (thanks Kasul and Shadowgeist!) I also received Stonehearth (thanks Scarybooster!) The Men of Yoshiwara (thanks Moumix!) and Aviary Attorney (thanks again Shadowgeist!) so even though it wasn’t quite the holiday I had planned in my mind, it was still very lovely. I didn’t spot anything in the steam sale that I wanted to pick up, but it’s always a great time for me to pass on some games to friends when funds are tight. I know Christmas is not all about the gifts or what you get from other people, but it does feel nice to be able to give and make someone smile.

I also decided yesterday to start up Minecraft again. I installed the new Infinity Evolved pack from Feed The Beast, and set the game to expert mode. This creates a more ‘difficult’ timeline in order to get things done, but what they mean by ‘difficult’ is ‘time consuming’. It’s not hard, it just takes a lot more time. One of the mods included makes it rain chicken / pigs from the sky on Christmas day. That would be what is showing in the screenshot above. I set up a home next to a mountain and began collecting items to better gear myself. The server is a bit crazy, I walked through 5 towns just to get to the place I wanted to settle. Each town had bits and bobs that I wanted to loot and take with me, so by the time I actually built my house, I had everything well established.

I’ve also been playing Wurm Online and World of Warcraft. In Wurm players received a reindeer decoration item which was pretty cool and nice of the developers. I didn’t log into EQ2 at all this holiday season, and a lot of the reason behind that is because I can’t seem to ‘get into’ it in such short spurt play sessions. I can’t do dungeons or raids simply by queuing, and I really wish I could.

A lot of my gaming has been limited because of a bug with Windows 10 and my mouse, too. For some reason it keeps performing double clicks when it shouldn’t. I know this is an issue with my logitech G700 mouse, I’ve seen lots of threads about it, but there’s no solution to keep it fixed permanently at this time and it bugs me to no end. It makes playing any game with mouse direction or clicking at all almost impossible, or at least incredibly frustrating. I’ve been plugging in the laptop mouse to game in the meantime, but that mouse is tiny and awkward. I keep holding off on purchasing a new mouse (like a corsair) in the hopes that microsoft or logitech or whoever will actually fix whatever my issue is (I’ve tried multiple drivers, I’ve tried no drivers, etc) but it’s certainly not happening any time soon.

Anyone else get any awesome game related gifts this Christmas? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.