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The Second Stage of Capybara Assimilation

Thanks to a very kind player who sent me TWO lavender pegs, and Moumix, I have my very first lavender sailboat – which I am planning on dying pink (over top of the already pink layer) and turquoise – to match my capybara sultana themed deed. I can’t wait to see how it all looks. I’ll post screenshots once I get it set up but in the meantime here’s the boat in comparison to the wood colour of other boats, against the backdrop of my docks on Independence.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Cartography? Sure!

Pictured above is my VERY rough cartography map of the little corner of Hermit Island that I live on. Because my cartography skill is VERY bad (we’re talking less than 5) it’s more a series of mashed up blobs and vague colours instead of anything that actually looks like my deed. The act of cartography is pretty neat, it reminds me a lot of smaller version treasure chest hunting. You follow some little glowing balls to a POI (point of interest) and mark things down with some dye. Eventually when you’ve completed the survey and imp’d it to as high as you’re willing to go, you can take it back to your map table and turn it into a map. You can also make copies of them and hang them up or keep them in an atlas. The skill itself doesn’t seem to lend very much to me as a player, but I’m always happy to have one more skill to work on to prevent burn out in a game that is INCREIDIBLY grindy.

Have you worked on cartography yourself? What’s the highest skill you have in it so far? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Tents make great bandages.. or do they?

Today I decided to take some time to work on treasure maps. I bought a 95ql map off of my deed mate Moumix, and I was really excited about it. Probably more excited than I should have been given the RNG that is associated with treasure maps.

The problem is I forgot my tent after the first clue, and I forgot my cotton before leaving the house. My second clue was a nasty bunch of greenish, champion, even a deathcrawler. I had an alt mail me some cotton but my mailbox is still slow, 9 minutes to deliver. I needed to heal or I was going to die in the middle of no where with no tent. As luck would have it.. I did have a tent on me. It just didn’t belong to me, it belonged to Faralithe, my alt.

Wurm is funny in the way it works. If you have a cloth item, you can use it as a bandage. Tents are cloth. Therefor, tents are bandages.

It worked, but it wasn’t quite enough. I eyed my wool hat that I had received in the post – and I inched closer to death, the decision was made for me. I used the hat as a bandage.

It kept me alive! I did not die, I was able to defeat the greenish troll, and then received the cotton so I could move on to the next clue.

Sadly the treasure was less than stellar when I got to the 6th and final location. Some days, I really wish there was LESS rng in game. Sigh. It was a crummy end to an otherwise very long and useless day. Maybe the next maps I have will be better.

You Never Know

Way up on the side of a mountain beside gurubear’s crater on the Independence server is a deed called ‘Nightmare’ and on it I found an entire collection of little reindeer keeping guard over the deed. I was there working on my 95ql treasure map (which ended up being a bust, I got practically nothing and it was really frustrating after all the time I had invested) and it was just a little reminder that you never know what you’re going to stumble into when you explore the lands of Wurm Online.

GMs Having Fun (and helping me out)

I try to work with the neighbourhood of where I move to, but it doesn’t always work out. This week I was accused of blocking a road that the locals use, so Moumix volunteered to build a road around my deed so that I wouldn’t be blocking any roads. Honestly, I’ve been there for months and I’ve never seen anyone come by, and this is the first time anyone has even spoken to me about it (plus there are detours you can take) – but again, I want to play nice. There was an abandoned boat along the shore that was blocking road construction, so I sent in a ticket to the GMs to have them remove it for me.

They were prompt and came by and moved the giant ship to an opposite shore so it wouldn’t be in the way of the road. On their way out, they turned Faralithe into a pumpkin, and turned Stargrace into a huge red dragon. I barely fit into the smithy to continue my work on the horseshoes I’ve been imping.

Speaking of horseshoes, I bought four off of another player, low quality, but they each had 103 WOA (wind of ages) cast on it, I can’t wait to zoom around doing treasure maps with a bit more speed. I figured I can just imp them myself to 70-80ql which is simple enough, but trying to get 103 casts is something that is still quite far away. My Vynora priest is at 100 faith and 68 channeling, with benediction, but her casts tend to land around 50-60 power. Occasionally I get higher but that is rare. I imagine I need to work up my skills higher before I start seeing anything anyone would want to pay for.

Anyway, I had a great time, I’m thankful the GMs were prompt, and now construction can continue.

Big Spiders

This big huge greenish lava spider was hanging outside the walls waiting to eat my Fo priest while she worked on the fields.


Sending Out the Wagoner

One of the reasons I wanted a deed on the mainland and not just the island that I live on, is for a wagoner. I wanted to make use of sending and receiving bulk goods. Until today, I haven’t had a reason to USE the wagoner, but I saw someone looking for 1k wemp, and low and behold, I had 1k wemp (and then some) to sell. So I sent out the order.

I was giggling away as I learned that the items don’t simple phase to their destination, oh no, the wagoner actually drives along the highway! You can see them and meet up with them in the world! How cool is that.

Fantastic job on making the world feel a little more populated. I adore this system, and I can’t wait to make more use of it. I know that by now it has been in game for some time, but little things like this remind me about why I love Wurm.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Stumbling Upon a Pillage Site (Pt.2)

The next day I came by to put the rare (now unsecured) forge in my knarr, and I noticed that a second floor wall had finally fallen. Peering inside, my jaw dropped. There were so many bulk supplies stored up on this level of the building. I knew if I could just find a way to get them all back to my deed on Independence, I would be set for a very long time.

It took a few hours and some creative thinking, but in time we were able to get everything out of the fallen house (once a wall falls the permissions are no longer in effect) and slowly get things loaded onto the knarr and the corbita. There were thousands of bricks, an insane amount of food supplies, some mortar, wemp, cotton, and everything in between. We even found some gems and a few more tools.

I found a pretty nice rope tool, too. Rare, with some imbues, and 94ql. It doesn’t really get much better than that as far as tools are concerned.

This was my largest WO haul, and it was incredibly exciting. I’m also very glad to make use of the items instead of having them sitting around and decaying. It will help me towards my goal of completing Quail Landing, working my HFC (hot food cooking) and various other skills. All in all, I’m VERY glad I went to pick up those Capybara Sultanate items, I came back with even more than I could have dreamed of.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Stumbling Upon a Pillage Site (Pt.1)

While picking up my Capybara deed decorations I happened to notice this, pictured above. A house with heavy decay, all along the bottom floors. I recognized it as a deed I had visited in the past with Moumix (though I cannot remember why we were there) called Festival Spiritual Center, created by Festival in 2022. The deed disbanded due to lack of upkeep on April 28th 2023, which isn’t that long ago. Normally deeds that have houses tend to stick around for some time, but in this instance the house was made of very low quality wood, which decays incredibly fast.

The problem was I could only access the main floor of the fallen deed. The two doors along the front of the building were locked, and there was no other way to get upstairs. Peering through the windows I could see some bulk storage containers, but not much more.

The main floor had a rare forge along with some green chests filled with enchanted tools and weapons. A few bits and bobs, some furniture, all of which I decided to collect and bring back with me to Quail Cove. The forge was secured to the ground, but if items take enough damage they become unsecured, so Moumix volunteered to stay behind on an alt and bash the forge until it was freed. Meanwhile, I tried to figure out a way we could access the next level.

Outside of the building were 10 reindeer secured to the ground, a Christmas gift for players in previous years. We took care of those and I found a few horses I wanted to take back with me too. Over all, I was incredibly pleased with this initial haul, but I still really wanted to see what was upstairs. I figured I’d have to be patient, and wait for another wall or two to fall before we could enter upstairs.

Mystical Order of the RHR

I recently received a bit of mail in Wurm Online that spoke about the Mystical Order of the RHR, and how at public events we should locate our brothers/sisters and identify them by wearing our fancy hats. The note mentioned that we were chosen by the gods, and the whole event was shrouded in mystery and very awesome.

Reason #1138469565-J that I love Wurm Online. The community is top notch, and when you least expect it, you receive some mail.

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