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Here Kitty Kitty..

I added a new little friend to the deed yesterday. Found wandering around outside my deed was this little cutie, a wild cat! They are adorable, and I promptly tamed it with some meat and then put it in my house (which I know, still needs a floor). If I can find two maybe I’ll breed them and have a house FULL of wild cats! That’s the dream, right?

A Few Pens Complete

A big thank you goes out to Tahlula from the Cadence server yesterday, who sent me 6 fence bars so that I could finish my cow pen. I had them hitched to a post by my house, but for some reason they would randomly go invisible. Someone told me that not only would they go invisible, sometimes they’d just go missing. I do NOT want that for my cows, so I took it upon myself to finish at least ONE of my pens. This is the pottery one, which I love the look of. I know I could have used a different fence, but I didn’t want to have to bash it down after.

Fence bars take a lot of iron to make and my blacksmithing is still quite low so I only have a 20% chance at creation. That’s a lot of iron wasted. I was talking about this issue in Freedom chat (server specific talk) and they offered to send them to me for the cost of postage. Incredibly kind of them, I was so happy! Now my cows are safe, and I can go back to working on the rest of the deed.

Taking Down a Dragon

Public slayings are few and far between on the older servers of Wurm Online – but the newer servers still tend to do a few public slayings. I was recently able to participate in the kyklops slaying, and then a white hatchling slaying over on Melody.

Over 180 people were in local (most probably alts) and it was a great time, hosted by one Elwoode, who was also celebrating his 30th birthday. One of the reasons slayings tend to be private is because those who are in local benefit from a piece of hide/scale as well as blood from the kill. If you’re not actively participating or hitting the creature, you can leech off of those who are doing the brunt of the work, and still obtain these items. The more people in local, the less hide/scale you obtain. For this slaying, people received between .02 and .03 of drake hide. To put that in perspective, a single glove (the smallest material required) needs .2 hide to create (and hopefully you don’t fail).

Gear made from dragons is supposed to be rare, and I understand that – but I feel like it’s a bit awkward that only the experienced and rich ever get to indulge in these items. I used to have a set of drake many moons ago, but when Wurm still allowed RMT I sold it to help out with some RL funding I required. I have deep regrets over that. It’s a trait that I tend to carry from game to game. Give away / sell personal belongings and then down the road I wish I had of kept them. I’m trying to be better about it, but my instinct is to give that stuff up.

Anyway, we gathered on Melody, which I had never been to before. It is the third server that was opened after the steam release (not including the PVP server, Defiance) and in my personal opinion was an unneeded server that just served to spread populations further apart in a time when we knew things would be crowded (and then they died down, significantly, which all Wurm players of any length of time are also aware of). I brought my Fo priest so I could help with heals and at least contribute something while my fight skill is quite low.

It was neat to see the dragon, and I still dream of one day capturing and hosting my own slaying – that will probably have to remain a pipe dream, but it’s still good to have those dreams.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

The Problem with People

Don’t be this person.

They’re a neighbour of mine, and this isn’t the first interaction with them I’ve had. They like to leave everything off deed, and destroy forests. I’ve got them on ignore now, but it still wasn’t exactly a fun interaction.


My Fo priest (yes, I swapped back to Fo) reached 55 faith, and I know that every inch of faith gain from now on is going to crawl by. There’s a few stages of being a Fo priest that I’m pretty excited about. Of course the big one is at 100 faith (or some combination if you’re linked) – Lifetransfer. Before that, there’s genesis at 70 faith, and before THAT there’s the immunity to most creatures that you get at 60 faith (and with 30 favour stored up). So to say my Fo priest has goals is a bit of an understatement.

I decided to head back to harmony and hang out with the 24/7 sermons that have been going on. Not only that, but I subscribed with three extra accounts to give another .08 to the sermons. Each listener grants .02 – at .12 prayers re-set. A big thing to priests.

Ideally, I want to reach 100. Realistically? I’ll be happy with 70-80. The sermons have been going on for months now, so we’ll just have to see how long a crowd remains for. A bunch of people should be reaching 100 faith before me, and chances are they’ll head back to their deeds after. As long as I can re-set prayers, it’s definitely worth it to stick around. Especially at higher levels when gains get smaller and smaller.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Wurm owns my Gaming Soul

Pictured above is my little place on Cadence that I’ve been working on. Fields are in, place is terraformed. It’s lovely.

I’ve been playing Wurm Online for MANY years now, and no matter what other games I tend to wander off to, I always return. For whatever reason, this is the game I consider home. It basically owns me. I have four premium characters (two on Northern Islands, two on Southern) – two priests (at one time I owned over 10), and still learn so much about the game.

I’ve never really been the sort of person to min/max in wurm. I’ve never cared about max skill gains – but now all of the sudden I find myself caring a little bit so I’ve been researching how to optimize what I do in game. I know, that’s not exactly FUN for a lot of people, but I’ve been playing for over 10 years, and I’m constantly changing my play style.

Right now my Fo priest is working on mining. I want her to be able to supply ore to my other character who is HOPEFULLY working on weapon smithing. We’ll see. I also have grand plans of working a few other skills, I tend to be a jack of all trades, master of none.

I’m using the Wurm grinder site to help find that ‘sweet spot’ between gains and tools, it took a bit to figure out how it works, but I think I have the hang of it now. I’m mining rock, my mining skill is 35, I input all of the information into the grind site, and work out that to increase my gains I should drop my 45ql pickaxe for one that is 10ql instead.

That’s pretty easy to do. I’ve never really cared about having tools for skilling before, but it was a noticeable increase in skill ticks, so there’s no reason NOT to try to optimize something as simple as that. As mining goes up, I’ll need to increase the difficulty by either lowering the ql of my tool (it can’t go any lower than 1ql of course) or upping the difficulty of what I’m mining. For now, rock will do.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Look Ma, a Rare Bed!

I’m not sure if they actually have a use or not – but I created my first non-material rare – a bed!

It glows, but it’s not really noticeable. Still, nice to know I can make rares on occasion!

The Kindness of Wurmians – 1

I decided to add a new feature, it won’t have a set schedule, but will just pop up here and there when I have some content. It happens often enough that I’d like to take note of the instances. In a game like Wurm Online, reputation is everything. If you want business from other players, or you want to shop from others, chances are you care at least a little bit about your reputation. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with players over the years, but what I’d like to promote is some awesome acts of kindness that I’ve personally witnessed in game, both on the older SFI (South Freedom Island) and NFI (North Freedom Island – ie: active since steam release of Wurm). Eventually I may even take nominations of players, we’ll just have to see.

First up – Annuile – from the North Freedom Islands.

Annuile was handing out pottery bowls of random affinity alcohol to wurmians to that left them with over 24h of affinity buff. It was kind, required nothing in return, and as a thank you I sent them their pottery bowl back filled with honey from the local beehive. Hopefully they can use it in their next beverage endevours.

Thanks for your random act of kindness, Annuile!

A Cadence Home

I now have two premium characters on Independence, and two on Cadence, one of the newer servers that opened up with the steam release of Wurm Online. It’s quite active, usually around 200-300 players, and it’s the same size as Independence (I believe). I’ve settled on the North East coast (seems I simply prefer that sort of location) and set up a small 1s a month deed. The first thing I did besides opening my mine to find iron, was construct a guard tower. This gave me the 30 masonry I needed in order to begin building stone buildings.

I have a small garden started, and some waterfront terraformed. I started a spirit cottage in the hopes of having an easier time getting mail, but my skill is too low to attach pieces yet. I’m hoping to start a rice & reed farm, once I can get some of those as seeds. It’s not going to be a fancy place, but it’s a nice little project. My Fo priest has an active subscription until mid 2023, so it’s safe to say I’ll be playing for quite some time (thanks to the black Friday sale that was recently held). For whatever reason, Wurm is and continues to be one of my favourite games of all time.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

No-Clucks-Given & Burt

Ah. Wurm.

Once again I’ve decided to start my own deed – on Cadence. Which is where I was a few months back. I even paid to premium another character, leaving me with a total of 4. Two on the old Southern servers, and two on the newer ones. Two priests, two ‘regular’ characters. The deed is small, located along the cost in the North East, and should provide easy access if the Southern servers are ever joined. In the meantime, I finally reached 30 masonry, so I’m creating stone houses, and a much needed guard tower.

I have my trusty hen, a bull, and a lot of .. well, nothing, really. It should be a fun adventure if I can stick with it.

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