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Starting Over

I decided I’d sell all of my rare tools in Wurm Unlimited so I could start over fresh and challenge myself with a new goal. Instead of random rares I want to try to have all tools sport my signature, and be made from either steel or moon metal.

Everything sold without too many problems, so now it’s time to start over fresh!

Building a Bridge

I decided what my volcano island needs is a bridge that goes from the mainland of my deed over to the new island – and so yesterday I began a sandstone arched bridge. It uses a lot of components so it will be some time before it’s completed, but I’m glad the distance wasn’t as bad as I thought it was (bridges can span a max of 38 tiles, my bridge is barely 20). Eventually I’ll have a tunnel where the bridge ends on the island so that you can get to the interior without having to use the boat entrance.

Speaking of, I added a gold mine door to the entrance of the Quail Cafe that’s located inside, and it looks fantastic.

Once again Wurm Unlimited never fails to impress me.

After the Update

I spent some time updating my merchants and I have to say I am absolutely LOVING the changes to priests. Since linking is no longer required for Lifetransfer and Mindstealer, the difficulty of these spells has gone down, and as you can see by my casts on the weapons I’ve managed to get a few 90+ for the first time ever.

I’m still doing sermons over at Wrecked’s place on Novus, my Libila priest has almost reached 100 faith. I never in a million years expected that, when I brought her to sermons she was barely over 50. I do already have a Fo and Vynora priest at 100, but one more sure doesn’t hurt.

I’ve also picked up a new deed on Novus, but that’s a post for another time. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Too Many?

I think I need more rare tools…

Leveling the Alts

Earlier this year I ran Priestpalooza, and I finally reached 100 faith on my Sklotopolis main, Stargrace. I have a priest for each faith just because I’m some sort of weird completionist. I got close to 100 on my Fo priest, but I was just out of reach (90 faith). This week I’ve been camped out at an alliance mate’s deed, frantically doing sermons every 3h and providing listeners for everyone else doing sermons. Right now my priest is at 99.3 faith, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to complete it and reach 100 by tomorrow.

100 faith means I no longer need a battery link to cast Lifetransfer, something that I am very much looking forward to. My Vynora priest can cast Mindstealer without the need for a battery too, and it’s fantastic.

Linking with other priests is required for an achievement, but it ups the difficulty of the spell you’re casting. Eventually I’d like to work on the priest achievements, but there’s so much to do and so much going on in game that I’m not in any rush.

Still, it will feel nice to reach 100 on the alt, that’s for sure. I am undecided if I want to continue leveling up the Magnaron and Libila priests, we’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

It’s Here It’s Here!

I have been waiting for the latest update to come to wurm unlimited for about a month now. You know the one that changes how priests work, allowing them to no longer require linking, revamped fishing, and a bunch of other awesome changes including adding cache to archaeology?

Well it’s finally here, and I have been having a ton of fun with it. First up, archaeology. I have a few deeds on my own deed, so I dug up the cache from those (I had no idea it was a physical cache) and then found a place to keep the miniature tokens. Problem is I’m going to end up with a TON of miniature tokens, and a lot of duplicates. I’m hoping to trade people for tokens that they don’t have and then expand the collection. Maybe creating an entire building for them eventually. I haven’t quite decided.

It’s a fantastic bunch of changes to the game, and I can’t wait to explore them in more depth as time goes on. Have a favourite change? Let me know in comments!

One Down

The goal is to have 4 colossus on the circular edge of my volcano, and I’ve got one done so far. Dyed it with a rune, and it looks amazing. Inside I’ve hollowed out a tunnel for boats, and started building my cafe and an area for cooking as well as a winery. Nothing fancy yet, but I’ll get there with time.

Home Sweet Home

I absolutely love my home in Wurm Unlimited. Everything about it suits me. I just had to say it.

Another Round..

I ran out of items to sell on my merchant fairly quickly last round, so Barefoot has been out on Caza gathering more supplies, and I am turning those into crafted goods to enchant and then sell. I also added a bunch of whetstone this round. Still no 100ql, but I’m sure I’ll get there. In the meantime, no complaints about a 99ql one.

Unfortunately it takes forever to try to get a good cast, so I’m probably still a few days off from having this stuff on my merchant, but I’ll get there.


Graphics for Wurm Online sure have come a long way since I started playing, as well as game mechanics. I remember when we were all identical, standing on top of horses because we couldn’t sit. Now we have towns like the one pictured above being built by players. It’s simply amazing, Wurm holds my heart unlike any other game I’ve ever played. If you’re feeling daunted by the steep time requirement of Wurm Online, I highly suggest you check out Wurm Unlimited, first with your own custom server where you can create at your own speed, and then perhaps on one of the many player hosted servers (like Sklotopolis, cough cough).