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Pillaging? Don’t Mind if I Do

Just a few of the items I ended up pillaging on my last run through Novus on the Sklotopolis server.

Pillaging Galore

I was finally able to pillage one of the best sites I have come across in a long time. My neighbour over on Novus had been inactive since I moved there, and eventually their place was disbanded for being inactive. There were a bunch of buildings left up, so I deeded alongside of them to speed up the decay process. Then I waited. It took roughly two weeks for the 40ql stone buildings to decay enough for the ‘clean up’ option to show, but I was able to pillage the site, and I kept a steady eye on it via my laptop because there were two others in the area who were also trying to pillage it.

What I found was an incredible amount of building material (which is fantastic for me, as I continue to build up my plaza and I hate making those items) and some pretty rare items along side. I found a blue tome (sorcery item) which I gave to Moumix (I already have a blood of the angels that I never remember to use, I don’t need multiple items), I found a bunch of unique bloods which I split as well – and then, a day later because I didn’t even realize they were hidden in a satchel, I found two rare bones.

Rare bones allow you to turn items in your inventory rare (one use) so I promptly used it on my seryll pickaxe. I’ve never actually found a bone on my own (you can find them rarely in treasure chests scattered along the land, or win one in a unique slaying, or even find them digging). Tons of steel tools, weapons, armor, and all of it high quality to boot. It was definatly a pillage that I will remember for a while. After I hauled all of the supplies back to my deed, I decided to take them back to Liberty, which is where I spend most of my time. I am not really good at splitting my time between servers, so once I remove everything from the deed on Novus I’m going to disband it and just focus on one server. Less stress for me that way.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Quail Plaza

Quail Plaza is coming along, I’ve almost completed the third story of the block, and then I’ll add ladders, and begin the 4th floor. I’m going to hold off on decorating until near the end, but I’m pleased with the overall effect. It should look exactly as I had hoped – a shopping plaza!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Longer Affinity Timers?! How!

I know you can get MUCH longer affinity timers by using alcohol instead of food – but I have no idea how people are able to customize 30+ day drinks. I know how to make complex moonshine, which gives me the toy affinity, but anything else is beyond me. I’d love to figure this out one day.

Deed Update

Working on my deed has gotten a lot slower lately, but I’m certainly still pushing at it. The main portion is ‘complete’ (the town) with just a few details being added here and there. The next big part is to complete the plaza, which is an enormous shopping square, 4-16 floors high with different tiers. Then I want to decorate that, so that people can peek into the shops and see various items for sale, or just look around the pub. It’s an enormous project that requires a LOT of raw materials, and I’m having difficulty keeping it stocked, especially when the contract this time around is for 10,000 mortar. The payment for that amount of work is horribly low, so I’m not actually sure I’ll even bother. I think I could make better use of the mortar just using it for myself, or even selling it later to players.

Still, things sure are looking beautiful.

Quail Crag

I’ve had a really difficult time deciding where I wanted my liberty mountain deed to be. I have no real access to any significant ore, so I wanted a place that would be able to accommodate that. Normally I would purchase the rods that let you transform rock to ore of your choice – but that’s just not feasible unless donations come back. Instead I found this abandoned mountain deed with three remaining buildings. One of them housed a magic chest filled with goodies. I deeded the field portion, and as houses decay I’ll push the deed towards the caves. Hopefully I get a sizeable amount of rock to work my way through over time. Eventually, it will become a retreat for my priest characters.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Quail Plaza

Now that my main town is ‘complete’ (they’re never ever really done) I decided to move on to my next project – a shopping plaza. This giant square is surrounded by highway, and each ‘building’ is going to be a line of strip malls, decorated as shops and pubs. The plaza will be 3-15 floors high, and players will be able to enter and do a bit of shopping, as well as just go around from shop to shop looking at the decorations. I used different materials for each building so that they look like individual places instead of one giant place – and I’m very excited to see this project grow. Unfortunately it takes a lot of raw materials, but I am glad that I managed to complete the first floor. Next is building the wooden floors inside, then the ladders for the 2nd floor, and the walls that will divide the shops.

No idea when I’ll get this project completed, but it’s fun.

This Weeks Treasures

Nothing as impressive as the two drake suites that I found (and subsequently sold to Olloyd so I could fund my deeds) but still not complaining – especially since I didn’t already have a rare rope tool! I just need to get Moumix to improve it for me.

A lot of people seem to keep their coins in chests instead of in the bank, so this was a nice little bit that I found in a decayed container. There are a few more decayed locations that I’d like to check out, but all of that takes time and trying to get the timing right so I get there before other pillagers. I think this week I just lucked out a bit.

All You Need to do – Is Ask Nicely

A few people in-game suggested that I contact Dom (he helps to run Sklotopolis) and see if there might be a way I could get reimbursed for the donation items I purchased before my deed was disbanded. I should have asked ages ago, but I wasn’t confident that they’d be returned, so instead I just got frustrated – that’s not the way to get things done.

Dom was lovely about it. I sent him the receipts for my paypal orders, and within a few days the physical (digital?) items that I had donated for were back in my inventory. It included two large magic chests, two small magic chests, and a HOTA statue. I was REALLY happy to have them returned, it made me smile all day long, and now I feel much more ‘complete’ in game. My deed is almost the exact size I wanted, I just have to wait for some buildings to collapse, and in the meantime I’ve been thinking up some events to run. I had a lot of fun when I ran the Priestapalooza, and I’d like to run something after Easter, perhaps. We’ll see! Anyway, it’s been a great week in-game, and I definitely owe that to the wonderful staff on Sklotopolis. Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

It’s Rift Time

Shao hosted the latest Rift event on the Liberty server – and we even had some new players there, which was wonderful. I walked away with a handful of harvested rift materials, and some recipes that I already had. I really wish WU was still getting the same updates WO got, because Rift rewards have changed and instead of everyone randomly getting rewards, you earn ‘rift points’ that you can spend at a sort of vendor, so you can save up for what you really want. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and I think there were only two deaths, so that’s not too shabby at all!

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