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The Excitement of a Story

Yesterday a bunch of deeds expired from players that were away from game for 90+ days. Myself and a whole slew of others took to the roads to see what we could pillage. I had one main goal – find some hell horses – preferably 5 speeds. Moumix got some from Shao, but I was still using no speed bison on my wagon.

There is one reason that I really enjoy pillaging fallen deeds – and it has absolutely nothing with what you can find out there and everything to do with the story behind it all.

Take the screenshot above. Found in an almost empty mine, a small box labeled ‘hardware’ with some random bits and bobs in it. Some of these items can fit in a bulk storage bin, some are parts to other things. All of it has decay. What was the owner planning? How experienced were they with the game? These are the stories that I live for, that I love discovering and adding to in my mind. I tend do wander away with whatever random tools I can find because I like to improve them and find out who created the tool.

I found a sickle today, 70ql which is pretty good. It’s labeled with ‘Duchess’ who I had not heard of – the artisan mark on the sickle is my own name, so that was pretty cool. I did also happen to literally stumble into two scale sets of gear hidden away in some saddlebags when I found those hellhorses I was after. THAT was a HUGE surprise.

All in all? It was a pretty successful trip.

Frustration on Sklotopolis

I’m having some issues with the Sklotopolis Wurm Unlimited server lately, but there’s not a lot I can do about it. I’m a returning player, but we can no longer make donations for silver, so I’m starting from scratch. On Liberty, we can’t build roads for coin (which is where I live). If we’re a veteran player with hours played, we earn less silver for guard towers (plus I honestly don’t feel like building guard towers). If we want to re-deed, to be able to afford what I feel is an average sized deed, you need to do contracts, which are time locked. If you’re trying to gain back items you’ve previously paid for or owned such as I am, you’re looking at months upon months of work. You cannot donate for Hota statues, large magic chests, small, or any of the other server items.

It will take me over 6 months of trying to earn coin to regain what I lost. I’ve been trying to sell tools, services, raw materials, and other items – but there is almost zero market on Sklotopolis because let’s face it, things are too easy, there’s a surplus of veteran players, and players enjoy doing things themselves, which I don’t blame them for at all.

Still, it makes for difficult game play for me personally. I’m trying to establish myself and set up my deed like it was previously, but I feel punished by all of these new systems. They cater to new players, and not returning players by any means.

Deeds over 90 days old with little work are supposed to be automatically flagged and disbanded by the system, but that also doesn’t happen. If we post about anything over 90 days old we’re told not to bother. Land is squished, deeds are huge, and competing with older players who were able to donate for their deed sizes is impossible. Honestly it’s just more reason to go back to Wurm Online instead.

Deed Bonus

I wanted to boost up the deed bonus, so I bought a bunch of valorie items from Elen on Sklotopolis. This should do me for a short while, at least.

Stills? STILLS!

I’m trying to find stills in abandoned deeds so I can open up a huge production line for alcohol in game – but it seems like people don’t actually own too many of them! I’ve found two so far. I might have to actually (ugh) craft some…

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Quail Cove – Completed (mostly)

It took some time, but my main deed is now ‘mostly’ completed. I say mostly because I haven’t done much with the volcano yet, and there are still two smaller areas behind the town along the Northern edge that require some work. Thanks to help from Moumix and some supplies from Takah, all the buildings and bridges are done. The towers are complete, and I leveled the farm area and rebuilt the entire thing. There are more pens, more fields, orchards, and it all looks incredible. I couldn’t be happier about this. Now maybe it’s time to work on my next project a bit – Quail Plaza. This is going to be a shopping boulevard type area, and I’m excited to show you all my ideas.

Just A Few

Moumix made just a few coal piles at the deed… LOL. My FPS drops to 14 or so until they finally burn themselves out in a few days time. Then I’ll be back to making steel for tools and weapons.

A Pillaging We Go..

After spending most of the week on my deed completing a few remaining buildings and then trying to get a rare steel carving knife for Moumix, I was feeling stir crazy and I decided to go exploring. Not far from my deed, across a bridge to the West I stumbled upon a pile of treasures just laying on the ground! They must have dropped out of a chest that had decayed.

While to most people the list of items will not see that impressive, for Wurm players a few pieces stand out. The dragon scale, and the dragon hatchling drake were really nice finds. I also found a rare dredge to add to my collection of ‘all the things rare’. Not one of my best finds, but still nothing to complain about by any means.

There’s a whole lot of deeds that are over the 90 day mark and I keep waiting to see if they’re going to be disbanded any time soon, but it looks like most of them are pushing on to the 6 month mark. I think that’s a shame, especially on Novus where land is quickly eaten up by large deeds, but I’m sure returning players appreciate having their stuff still around.

Me, I’m still rebuilding. I’ve gotten a few handy pieces back, but finding everything I used to own has been difficult. I did manage to find a HotA statue which is excellent because mine is gone. Next I’m hoping to buy a large magic chest, to keep items safe.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

To the Masked Cucumber

It’s a busy weekend in Wurm Unlimited on the Sklotopolis server – Moumix and Stargrace ventured forth to a rift event over on Novus, taking Shao with them by boat (and then summoning to the rift). I don’t think there were any casualties this round, most people were hardened warriors. I came back with rift components to craft runes, a piece of moon metal, and a recipe. No cool tabards this time, but that’s alright. It was a good time all around, and the host was gracious with pizza and drink. Tomorrow there’s a dragon slaying, so here’s hoping my luck holds out and I win something cool in the raffle!

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself. If you’re looking for a lovely Wurm Unlimited server to play on (even though there is no longer any official support) come join Sklotopolis. The staff is dedicated and the player base is (mostly) lovely.

Deed Progress

I have to say, the work that has been going on at Quail Cove Nouveau is nothing short of amazing. It went from needing a complete re-build to being almost done. All that is left (thanks to the hard work of Moumix and myself) is the main house (called Quail Nest), towers, and the bridges that join those towers. Of course being my usual procrastinating self, it probably COULD have been completed by now, but I had to go to Caza for a bit to waste some time, and then I took a trip around the server to see what other treats I could pillage. I’ve also spent some time on Novus pillaging for the two deeds I have there. Once I’m done building on Quail Cove, I want to flatten Quail Plaza. This is going to be a shopping market type deed, and I have big plans for it, but it requires a clean slate. I hate terraforming, so it will probably also take me some time.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Home Sweet Home (again)

Another building completed in Quail Cove – this one is for tailoring. The sun was setting and I just loved how it all looked. Plus let’s face it, I can’t resist spinning wheels, in game or out.

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